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Creating a Mapillary Photostory is easy. Just use the provided builder, and fill in the content of your slides. You can add up to 30 images, and just change the number and click apply if you want to add or remove slides from the end. The image coordinates are an advanced, experimental, and optional function.

You can grab your image keys from Mapillary in the following way:

Find your image on

On the right side, click the icon.

Under "Advanced Options" click to copy "Image Key".

After you've entered the information in each slide, click Load Code to convert your slides to Javascript, which will populate the box at the bottom of this page. Click Save Code to save your Javascript file, then host the saved code online. An easy option is to use Dropbox, but follow these steps to make sure your JavaScript file link can be accessed by Mapillary Photo Story.

Load your photo story using this format:
See an example here:
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